To Papi with Love

 Are you there God? It’s me, David.

Thumbnail image for David-Ortiz.jpgLiving outside of the New England area has its advantages during baseball season. It’s a great baseball timezone to be in (Mountain) because the East coast games start early and the West coast games are watchable in their entirety. The lack of rabid Red Sox lunatics is actually refreshing (unless of course you go to the transplant bars in Denver – Blake’s etc) and the lack of direct news reporting allows you to float along in your own world of Red Soxtasy.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not immune to the blabbing of the sportsradio yakkers but in real-time it is decidedly still Broncos focused (call it a Denver Disease) around here. The Rockies are sadly still second tier sports (behind the Donkeys, Avs and Nugs) but it makes attending games still possible and affordable. The Rox success of last year should increase crowds for a bit especially in the early season but time will tell. The Rox fans seem to be totally results driven – team gets hot and the crowds come – but the faithful are as honest and knowledgeable as anyone, just less in your face and obnoxious. This point of “obnoxiousness” gets me back to the current state of Sox Nation after a mere 3 games. This blogging thing has started me looking around the world for opinion and lo and behold  – there is alot of it. Dare I say too much? Am I part of the problem or just another solution? Not important at this juncture.What is important is the main man in the center of the storm – Big Papi, David Ortiz; yankee killer, playoff savior, the swagger, the big happy. You cannot talk Red Sox without talking BP. His expletive laden interview after game 2. The un-ending comparisons to last year’s start. The critiques of his ABs. The shadow of Lowell on the bench. In my Colorado Red Sox bubble I feel like a spy reading this stuff, thankful that I’m not reading the Globe daily or the Providence Urinal (re-hashers of other paper’s news). I want to root for my team, warts and all and while the news is certainly news for some, I see it more as sound bite fodder. The news style of today – skin deep and factually thin – meant to elicit some kind of emotional reaction. Gossip and speculation. Should we rename our holy game “the Real Players of the Major Leagues”? I’ll tune into the game and turn off the sound. I know what it sounds like. The history of baseball has been built by the back story as much as the scores and the winners and losers and I suppose it is every fans god given right to soak up as much drek and drivel and officially licensed merchandise as they like. When is too much enough?


In KC for a 3 game set and it’s in the 5th.We’re up 3-0 and Big Papi has a double, JD Drew a 2 run HR. Wakefield is looking his cagey self. I think he is the oldest pitcher to start a game in Sox history tonight. Kaufmann is looking empty and the Royals have some new faces – Ankiel, Posednick etc. The big game is tomorrow night with Greinke and Beckett, both looking for W #1. The eyes focus on KC when Greinke goes.

Ortiz just got tossed after arguing a check swing 3rd strike. He finishes 1-3 but is still trying to find it in this early season. Can’t wait to see how this one spins.








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